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TOOLS for Reducing Idling

Are you ready to take action against vehicle idling? Whether you want to educate drivers in your neighborhood or launch your own idling reduction campaign, we have a range of resources and toolkits designed specifically for you. It's your turn to turn it off and pass it on.

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Anti-Idling Toolkit: How to Reduce Idling in Your Community

With air pollution is on the rise and climate change looming, people are searching for ways to make a difference. We designed this anti-idling toolkit to make it easy for anyone to take action on idling in their community.
Instructions + 5 Downloads


Idling Poster

Educate your community about vehicle idling by hanging this poster at your workplace, local coffee shop, school or community bulletin board.
11 X 17 INCHES



Keep these educational “tickets” handy in your glove compartment to leave on windshields of idling vehicles. (4 tickets per sheet)
8.5 X 11 INCHES



Inspire others to take action against unnecessary idling with this informational flyer.
8.5 X 11 INCHES


School Poster

Educate your school community about vehicle idling with this poster, which asks parents and teachers to help "clear the air."
11 X 17 INCHES

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