Campaign Partners

Sustainable America is always looking for new partners to help raise awareness about unnecessary idling and fuel waste. Below is a diverse list of program partners, all of which are taking important steps to reduce fuel waste in their circles of influence.

Corporate Partners

  1. Budget Car and Truck Rental of Utah
  2. Budget Car and Truck Rental of Nebraska
  3. White Castle

Collegiate Partners

  1. Yale University
  2. Brandeis University
  3. NRDC Collegiate Sports Greening Advisor

Non-profit/Community Partners

  1. Wilton Go Green -- Wilton, CT
  2. Turn Your Car Off -- Orange Country, CA
  3. Women In Trucking
  4. The Video Project/Specialty Studies (Idle Threat: Man on Emissions)

Municipal Partners

  1. City of New Haven, CT
  2. City of Stamford, CT
  3. City of Cambridge, MA

Community Partners In Action

Student Group Takes Action on Idling

Meet the Man Who's Asked Thousands of New Yorkers to Stop Idling

College Student Speaks Out About Idling

Affiliate Partner of:

SmartWay Transport Partner Women In Trucking